An exceptionally pretty English actress, exuding intelligence, innocence, sophistication, and girl-next-door English rose admirability. *sigh* Fine arched eyebrows, lips open in a questioning look, smooth dark hair... *sigh*

She was born on 4 January 1965 in Epsom in Surrey. She was a tomboy who was good at hockey, and went first into art school before turning to drama. She appeared in TV series Traffik and Capital City in 1989, then three made-for-TV films, before starring in her first feature, Peter Greenaway's The Baby of Mâcon in 1993, alongside Ralph Fiennes. Among the later pictures she's appeared in are:

Ormond has also produced a film, the 1996 Croatian-US documentary Calling the Ghosts, about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has said that, like Godzilla and everyone else in the film industry, she'd like to direct.

A good picture gallery:

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