A park containing wild animals, which unlike a zoo has them roaming semi-freely in large enclosures. Travel around the park is normally in your own car, but you are warned to keep the windows shut, since you travel within the boundaries of the animals' enclosure.

Enclosures are usually separated by a gate which a ranger will open for you as you approach, and close behind you. This prevents incompatible animals from eating each other.

Expect to lose parts of your car, such as wing mirrors and aerials, since monkeys will usually attempt to swing on them, or just pull them off for fun. Monkeys also have a habit of masturbating on your car.

I can't comment whether safari parks are less cruel than zoos, but I assume that the animals get a little cold in the UK, if they're used to the warmth of the African veldt.

Notable Safari Parks in the UK are:

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