A new, growing Internet acronym. This writeup should inform you as well as spread the word.

Recently the Internet has become ridden with 12-year-olds starting flame wars and spouting barely-legible threats and insults over such a great tool for communication. This is especially evident in games like Counter-Strike -- conversations are composed of attacks at one's sexual preferences and immediate family.

Mockery is the answer. Please, no, don't shoot me with Internet bullets! "I'm e-shaking in my e-boots!"

In response to this phenomenon is a new acronym, already becoming popular on small IRC networks and communities. The response to such ridiculousness: Suck My Internet Cock. SMIC.

It's meant to be mocking, and the beauty is that it is still somewhat cryptic because currently only a relatively small group of people use it.

Use it. Love it.

"Salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance", the minimum wage payable by employers in France. As of 29 June 2001 this stood at FRF 43.72 (6.67) per hour. "Travailler au smic" - to work for the minimum wage, to have a McJob.

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