The SAT 9 is the Stanford Achivement Test Version 9. It's part of the State of Calfornia's Standardized Testing and Reporting System (STAR). They are given to students from 1st-12th (Yeah! I don't have to take them next year!) and consist of: Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Language Arts, Science, Math, etc. It also has specialized test for high school students that include Chemistry, Alegbra II, Biology, and Physics. One of the oddest things about this test is some of the time limits. The language arts section is the epitome of this. It usually takes most students about 10-20 minutes to finish, its given 75 minutes. Also, the state recently instituted a scholarship program for people to take the SAT 9 seriously as it has little or no impact on one's grades, unless the school (Like mine) uses it for proficency exams.

Most people, including myself, find this test and extreme waste of time. Like the SAT it is an aptitude test and not a good ranking of how students do. However, the state uses to rank high schools anyway (Schools use this as they see fit). The only benefit is that during April or May you have 2 hours devoted to this out of the school day for a week.

The SAT 9 cannot be confused with another California-only test, the Golden State Examination.

* The SAT 9 has nothing to do with Stanford University.

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