Evil toad-like leader of the Mutants of Third Earth, and eternal enemy of the Thundercats. He tends to be overconfident in his leadership, getting the Mutants into one problem after another. His preferred vehicle is the Nosediver, and his preferred weapon is a large axe. He also has a strange speech impediment, causing all of his s's to be drawn out (as in S-s-slithe). Also spelled Slythe.

Other mutants include:

Monkian - A monkey-like mutant, he is strong and agile, but stupid, and he carries a powerful shield that can fire energy bursts.

Jackalman - A canine-like mutant, Jackalman is often too cowardly to accomplish anything. He prefers to club his enemies, when not running from them.

Vultureman - A vulture-like mutant, he is very intelligent and crafty, able to create many of the Mutant's best weapons. However, he also allies himself frequently with Mumm-Ra.

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