Available in original and chewy varieties, Runts are a candy made by Wonka (a division of Nestlé). Sold in packages ranging from "fun size" to giant economy size, or by weight at most candy stores, Runts are sold in five flavors.

  • Banana Runts - pretty harsh tasting and distinctively shaped, the banana shape leads to a lot of broken pieces.
  • Strawberry Runts - my personal favorite, strawberry Runts resemble pink hearts and are very sweet.
  • Cherry Runts - the cherry flavor is one level above the cough syrup level. Cherry Runts are shaped like plump hearts and are red in color.
  • Orange Runts - shaped like orange spheres, orange Runts have a pleasant orange flavor.
  • Lime Runts - my second-favorite, they are shaped like (American) footballs and are a deep green in color. Runts are one of very few candies which include lime but not lemon.
Each bag includes a random mixing of these flavors. The exterior of each piece is very shiny, but if you look at the inside you will see that they are in fact very powdery. Please eat in moderation; too many banana Runts will lead to much unpleasantness in one's stomach by the day's end.

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