A perfect way to never be wrong (for certain values of never). The Rule of Rules simply states that: ``Every rule has an exception.''

While some pedants point out that some rules, such as the identitive property of addition do not have exceptions, this does not matter, of course, because the Rule of Rules is itself a rule.

This sets up the most annoying paradox as well. Something of Star Trek Quality -- if the Rule of Rules (ROR) states that every rule has an exception, and the ROR *is* a rule, then... wait for it... doesn't the ROR have an exception as well?

You might be saying now "I want some cheese". But you're also saying "but the ROR is a Rule, and therefor cannot be circumnavigated". So, what you're saying is that the ROR effects all other rules, but canont be affected itself?

Well, I'm sorry. That don't happen.

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