A satellite system that murderer Russell Eugene Weston Jr. believed he had invented for NASA and was in orbit. It had the ability to reverse the time flow. Weston, a former mental patient, entered the Capitol Building on July 24, 1998 and shot officers Jacob J. Chestnut and John M. Gibson to death trying to reach the senate. In the senate he believed there was a safe ("the great safe of the United States Senate") that contained the Ruby Satellite System's controls. Weston was trying to access it to save America from being destroyed by, variously, a disease called "Black Heva" and cannibals.

In interviews with psychiatrists, Weston believed Chestnut and Gibson were cannibals but he cautioned they weren't actually dead permanently. The Ruby Satellite System, which he invented after attending the "World Summit for Time Reverse Technology", could reverse the time flow and bring them back alive using a process he called the time reverse sweep, which "washes time in reverse".

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