The Royal Clipper is currently the world's only 5 masted sailing ship. It is modeled after the German ship Preussen which was built in 1902, and I believe it might be the largest sailing ship currently in existance. Oh yeah, it's a cruise ship too...

The Royal Clipper has 5 masts at a height of 197 feet, with 42 individual sails for a combined area of about 50,000 square feet. Fully rigged, it is capable of a top speed of around 17 knots. Fast sailing this ain't. The deck is equipped with high tech sailing rigs that allow passengers to safely use the deck without fear of decapitation by moving masts. The ship is 439 feet in length with a total deck area of around 21,000 square feet.

For the cruise side of the ship, it features a scant 114 cabins with private baths, 14 deluxe suites with private verandas, and two owner's suites for a grand total of 228 guests. These lucky guests are served by a crew of 102. It also features modern amenities such as a fitness center, 220 seat restaurant, 3 story atrium, and an underwater viewing lounge.

All in all, this looks like it would be one hell of a cruise. Pictures of the ship can be seen at (yes, it's in german). It's quite a stunning ship to say the least.

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