Rampaging Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson, radio and media personalities extraordinaire.

Have featured on both Australian TV and radio. Classic work on the "This Sporting Life" weekend radio show on Triple J. Their TV show "Club Buggery" was taken commercial as "The Channel Nine Show"

Also famous for their televised response to the announcement of the location for the 2000 Olympics.

Roy and H.G are the alter egos of John Doyle and Greig Pickhaver respectively. With the roaring success of their television show, The Dream, during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games the comedic duo were signed to host a similar show during the Salt Lake City games in 2002, which they have called The Ice Dream.

Sydney 2000 brought us Fatso, the Big-Arsed Wombat, and the "hello boys". 2002 so far has seen the mascot of the seagull speared by the ski pole. Cedric Sloane, an Australian competitor in the 1952 Olympics in Oslo speared a seagull during the 18km cross-country event. It is the contention of Roy and HG that this has placed a curse on the entire Australian team, as we've not won a gold medal at a winter Olympics since.

This year, they're calling for support for the bid to hold the 2010 Olympics at a place called Smiggin Holes (which actually exists) in Australia. The only drawback is that we require about 30 million m3 of rock to raise the mountain to an altitude high enough to hold the games.

These guys make an otherwise dull Olympic Games for Australians worthwhile.


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