Australian television personality. Hosts the Logie-winning light entertainment show, Rove Live, on Channel 10. On the show, Rove interviews local and internation guests, often asking questions aimed specifically at making the guest feel uneasy. An example of his quirkyness included doing a mock Bold and the Beautiful love scene where Rove and Ronn Moss (Ridge from Bold and the Beautiful) declared their "love" for each other. Other famous guests he has embarassed include: Russell Crowe, Sarah Ferguson and Jodie Foster. A popular item on Rove McManus' show is "What The...?". This is where Rove gets unusual objects (e.g. newspaper misprints, dolls with strange features) mailed to him and he makes a joke from it. Rove also had the first television interview with silverchair frontman Daniel Johns.

Originally from Perth, Rove McManus has captivated many Australian audiences with his witty, often childish sense of humour. Cousin of Fremantle Dockers AFL player, Shaun McManus.

Compare: The Panel

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