ROSCOMMON, a county of Ireland, bounded by Lettrim on the north, and Galway on the south.

Encyclopædia Britannica 1771

Roscommon, a county of Ireland, province of Connaught, bounded E by Longford and Westmeath, S by Galway, W by Mayo, N by Sligo, and NE by Leitrim, 50 English m. long, and 37 broad. It is a flat open coutry, in some places sprinkled with rocks, in many interrupted by extensive bogs, and but little diversified by hills. The Shannon divides it from Longford and Westmeath, and the Suck from Galway. It has excellent pastures. Pop. 207,777.

The New London Gazetteer, 1826

'Roscommon' derives from 'Ros' (well-forested gentle terrain) and the name of St. Conman, Roscommon's first bishop.

It is the birthplace of Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland.

Roscommon County in the lower peninsula of Michigan is named after Co. Roscommon.

In response to a query from caseyhb, my source for the name Conman is but the name is also frequently given as Coman.

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