Rome Open City is an Italian film directed by Roberto Rossellini, Italian and German are spoken in the movie. It is one of the first Neo-Realist films ever made. The film was made right after the Germans left Italy and many elements in the film allude to the hatred of the German occupation since it is based in 1944.

Tagline: Sexier Than Hollywood Ever Dared To Be!

Many of the scenes were filmed using natural lighting because resources for making movies were low. The war basically destroyed Italian cinema.

The films main characters are Giorgio Manfredi (aka. Luigi Ferrari) played by Marcello Pagliari, Don Pietro by Aldo Fabrizi, Marina Mari by Maria Michi, and many others who definitely made their mark because their characters are so real. Giorgio and Don Pietro are part of a Resistance against the German occupation and when Giorgio is denounced he flees for help from his friend Franceso, and his fiance Pina played by Anna Magnani who became one of Italy's greatest divas. Not only is there the resistance, but there is also a Resistance run by children, led by a sinister one legged boy named Romelleto who has an insatiable hate for the Germans who we learn about from Marcello, Pina's son.

I won't say any more because it will ruin the movie and it is a must see and is a great example of Italian Neo-Realism.

This movie is not only about war, it is about love, betrayal, loss, and humour. The sets weren't glorified, they were filmed as they were giving the sense of realism

Cast overview, first billed only:

Aldo Fabrizi .... Don Pietro Pellegrini
Marcello Pagliero .... Luigi Ferrari, alias Giorgio Manfredi
Maria Michi .... Marina Mari
Henry Feist .... Major Bergmann
Anna Magnani .... Pina
Vito Annichiarico .... Marcello, Pina's Son
Francesco Grandjacquet .... Francesco
Giovanna Galletti .... Ingrid
Carla Rovere .... Lauretta
Nando Bruno .... Agostino, the sexton
Ákos Tolnay .... Austrian deserter
Carlo Sindici .... Police Commissioner
Amalia Pellegrini .... Boarding house's owner
Eduardo Passarelli .... The Neighborhood Police Sergeant
Joop Van Hulzen .... Major Hartmann

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