French author, born in Russia in 1914. He moved in France when he was 4, and studied law in Paris.

Gary was hired by the national air force in 1938 and fought for "la France Libre" during World War II. After having worked for the French foreign affairs ministery, he was hired by UN for 4 years, from 1952 to 1956. Then, he was named chargé d'affaires in Bolivia and consul général in Los Angeles.

Through his career, Gary won two Prix Goncourt (Les racines du ciel and La vie devant soi) and wrote adout forty novels. Four of his books were written under the pseudonym of Émile Ajar (La vie devant soi, L'angoisse du Roi Salomon, Gros Câlin, Vie et mort d'Émile Ajar).

Gary's mother was an excentric person, that probably influence a lot his writting. She wanted her son to become ambassador (cause it would be impossible for someone born out of France to become president) and Gary always felt a lot of pressure from her. Two of his favorite theme are the oppresion of a mother and the loneliness of individuals.

Gary also directed two movies; Les oiseaux vont mourir au Pérou (1968), and Kill (1972).

Gary commited suicide in December 1980.

Gary famous novel are La vie devant soi, Éducation européenne, La promesse de l'aube and Les racines du ciel

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