The central railway Station of Rome. It can be reached via the two underground railway lines or a lot of different bus lines stopping at the square facing the station. Opening hours are from 4AM to 1AM. The station is actually one of the more impressive buildings in the city, even though it is not exactly the oldest one there. For many backpackers going to Rome, this is the first place you see in the city. A lot of quite cheap hostels/rooms/hotels are present both left and right of the main building (more hostels/rooms than hotels to the right (and yes - it makes perfect sense what is left and right once you get there))

Unfortunaltely I was unable to find further info about architectual facts. Stay tuned
If you're looking for accomodation when you arrive at the station, watch out for the pensione called "Fawlty Towers" down the Via Magenta (to the right!). Unfortunately when I visited Rome and was in need of a place to stay it was fully booked however I have it on good authority that Fawlty Towers is one of the nicer examples of budget accomodation in the city.

The station itself also has the obligatory McDonalds, which to my great surprise had Nastro Azzurro on tap. The area to the right of the station is very seedy indeed. Not a place you'd want to be alone late at night.

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