Born-again Christian famous for holding up his John 3:16 signs during various sporting events.

Before accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior, Stewart tried to become "the most famous person in the world no one knows about," by going around to golfing events donning a multi-colored Afro wig. During the 80s, he and his wife spent their time travelling the country, living in their car, and holding up these signs. The signs were most easily spotted during a field-goal or extra-point attempt in a football game (usually Monday Night Football).

Currently serving three life sentences for kidnapping two day laborers and a maid on September 22, 1992, in a failed attempt to get in one last appearance before The Rapture, which he believed was only six days away.

Aside from the sporting events, he also made it into a Budweiser commercial and was featured in an episode of The Simpsons (complete with Afro wig and John 3:16 sign) and a Saturday Night Live skit ("Rainbow Man" played by Christopher Walken).

Information acquired from Cecil Adams at The Straight Dope website,

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