Rockell is a freestyle and pop-dance recording artist. She was born Rachel Alexandra Mercaldo on March 4, 1977, in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. She was raised in Staten Island, NY. She was discovered while at a bar with friends. She was singing along to Killing Me Softly With His Song, which the DJ was playing. A man noticed her voice and brought her to producer Ewart A. Wilson, Jr. He wrote and produced her first single, I Fell In Love, in 1996. Wilson sent a tape containing the song to Robbins Entertainment, and within the week, got Rockell a record deal.

She followed up one year later with the hit In a Dream in 1997, and a debut LP What Are You Lookin' At?, in 1998. The album was produced by Adam Marano, who produced for other freestyle artists such as Lil' Suzy and Collage. Collage makes appearances on the album, singing the duets Can't We Try (originally sung by Dan Hill & Vonda Shephard) and a cover of Dreamboy - Dreamgirl (originally recorded by Cynthia and Johhny O).

Her second album, Instant Pleasure, was released on October 10, 2000. It was produced by Hex Hector and Tony Moran. Unfortunately for freestyle fans, the album favored the pop-dance sound more favorably than the first album. Her latest single to be released, What U Did 2 Me, is also one of the last freestyle songs in recent memory, an indication of freestyle's waning mainstream popularity.


  • Her live performances involve some acrobatics, which owe to her gymnastic training as a child
  • She has a brother who is eight years older than her


  • I Fell In Love - Single (1996)
  • In a Dream - Single (1997) - Billboard Top 100
  • What Are You Lookin' At? - LP (1998)
  • Can't We Try - Single (1998) - Billboard Top 100
  • When I'm Gone - Single (1999)
  • The Dance - Single (2000)
  • Instant Pleasure - LP (2000)
  • What U Did 2 Me - Single (2001)
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