An unusual university on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that takes only graduate students--no undergraduates--and devotes itself almost exclusively to biomedicine. This arrangement allows Rockefeller's professors to focus on research, not undergraduate instruction; however, the absence of revenue from undergraduate tuition means that professors must provide for their own salaries entirely through grants from government or private institutions. Rockefeller's professors are accordingly some of the most prominent and productive scientists in the world; the institution boasts numerous Nobel Prize winners and has been the site of several crucial breakthroughs, including the discovery of p53, the characterization of neurogenesis in birds, and the effects of stress on the brain. As you might expect, it's extraordinarily difficult to get to work at Rockefeller--whether as a graduate student or as a professor--but, according to a friend of mine, if you can make it, you get to work with some of the smartest people on the planet.

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