Robosaurus, although it sounds like a character out of a crappy sci-fi movie, is actually a real robot. Robosaurus was created by Monster Robots, inc. (surprise, surprise) an innovative firm that combines technology and imagination to create big, scary robots. What a dream job.

Lets look at the numbers. Robosaurus is modeled after the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He stands forty feet tall, and weighs roughly sixty thousand pounds. He moves by way of huge hydraulic lifts, pressurized at three thousand, four hundred psi. He can lift four thousand pound cars, and crush them with twenty-four thousand pounds of gripping pressure. To top off the package, he can shoot twenty foot flames out of his nose. The whole package is driven by a single pilot, who rides in the head. He undoubtedly has the coolest job in the world.

Robosaurus has made several appearances across the United States. You may have seen him at Universal Studios, on the Tonight Show, or on ESPN. He has made appearances in the movies Super Dave, Waking up in Reno, and The Recycler. Not thrillingly brilliant career choices for any means, but they pay the bills.

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