Extremely delicious orange marmalade, one of the old established British food brands (like Marmite, Oxo, Lyle's Golden Syrup) that seems to have been around practically unchanged forever. The jelly is rather non-descript, but the bits of rind are very nice - not the chunky rubbery blobs you get with other brands.

Robertson's preservatives have a rather strange and some would say anachronistic promotional gimmick: by collecting tokens, you can send off for collectible enamel badges. The badges depict Gollywogs (officially referred to, for obvious reasons, as Gollys) in different professions. (For example there is a fireman, an astronaut, etc.)

Presumably people still collect these things, as with all collectibles, the rarest ones fetch enormous sums. It's wierd that whoever owns the Robertson's brand haven't had harsh words about this sort-of racist tradition, but that just goes to show how important tradition is, at least in the cut and thrust world of breakfast foods.

As of Summer 2001, the golly promotion has finally been wound up after several decades. Future enamel badges will depict characters from Roald Dahl books.

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