One of the many different comics by prolific Canadian webcomic artist Eight. Road Waffles is one of the select Keenspot comics available and can be found at for those interested in mayhem, Quentin Tarantino style.

Road Waffles started on 8 November 1999. After taking a few wrong turns later in the series, it sputtered and died with it's last normal strip around 4 April 2001. Fourteen months later, four more strips were added to the series to give closure to rabid fans threatening to storm Eight's hometown.

And now? A so-called sequel has begun on April 14, 2003. While it is different from the comic of yore, it remains very entertaining and just like any other of Eight's comics. Some have suggested that the Road Waffles sequel reminds them of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

A road waffle is also a nickname for roadkill. Mmm, tasty.

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