The character of Ro Laren (played by Michelle Forbes), was originally introduced into help Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with the new races it was about to introduce, to provide the viewer with some idea as to what the Bajorans were about. Her first episode was Ensign Ro (TNG).

Ro Laren, a Bajoran, is a wanted Maquis rebel. Was born January 17, 2340 in a Bajoran refugee camp. She resigned her commission on Stardate 47944. After reaching rank of ensign through a classified Covert Ops mission involving USS Enterprise personnel, she served under Lt. Cmdr. Chakotay, who is also a wanted Maquis rebel. While they were stationed together, Ro Laren was raised to rank of Lieutenant under Chakotay, who was a member of Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training. Aside from a small, undisclosed incident at Ronara Prime, there have been no reports of her activities with the Maquis, which essentially leaves Starfleet with very little knowledge, only that she joined the Maquis. She remains at large.

"I'm not exactly what you call Starfleet material." - Ro Laren.

Some info taken from and Trek novels.

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