The River to Sea Relay is an adventure run sponsored by Impact Unlimited and organized by Mark Zenobia of The lowdown on this race is the following:

  • The Race is 72 miles long (formerly 92 miles).
  • The Race goes from Lambertville, NJ to Manasquan, NJ (formerly from Milford).
  • The 7 member teams may be all male, all female or mixed open. To qualify for mixed open you must have 3 females; youngest member determines Masters eligibility.
  • Start time is handicapped based on the average 10k (6.2 mile) time of the team.
  • There are 14 legs, of which each team member will run only two, barring injury.
  • Only TWO support vehicles are allowed per team. This includes fans.

These bulletpoints were blatantly borrowed from, a defunct site you can go to for further information, background, and application download. New registrations, as of 2017, can visit R2C.

Upon reflection, River to Sea isn't a simple race. After competing on a team in 2001 (Bear Naked) and planning to captaining a team for the 2002 competition (Team F.L.Y.), I can say without pause that this race is a runner's paradise. Here's why:

  • There are no more than 10 people yelling for you when the race begins. This is because it's a staggered race and there isn't likely to be anybody about other than your teammates. This race is about you and your desire to run, no strings attatched.
  • There are no cheering throngs of people wishing they could be just like you on the sideline. There are only fellow participants who are just like you on the windy path of the race route shouting out inspiration (whether they are on your team or not) because they are sharing your experience.
  • The only prizes most participants in this race get is the ever changing scenery of the chosen cross section of New Jersey and a quick and jubiliant dip into the Atlantic Ocean upon the race's completion. Oh, that and the frequent and unpredictable thunderstorms that have a tendancy to sprout up during race day.
  • Did I mention that this race features some of the best long distance running talent to be found on the east coast? I must have forgotten about that...
  • The challenge: Leg 13 has been officially deemed "The Beast" by the race organizers. It is a section of the course reserved for the most maniacal member of the team, and often sends chills up spines when you first view the last hill.

This race, while running under minumum supervision (a team may bump into six race officials the entire way...four of whom are at dangerous intersections), is a great experience for any runner. The race commonly takes a full day, and there are several restaurants in the nearby and surrounding area of Manasquan fit for some post race celebration. The atmosphere and energy that surrounds this race is equaled by few races on the east coast. Compared to other races and relays of equal length R2C is heads above the competition and a great choice for any competitive runner.

For further information or entry form contact:
River to Sea Relay
Mark Zenobia

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