Ring 2 is the chilling sequel to the cult japanese horror film Ring. The Ring series is an unusual mixture of technology and the supernatural, the result is terrifying. There are scenes in this film that are so deeply macabre, that it makes The Exorcist seem like sunday school.

synopsis: Hard to give away too much without spoilers: Investigators are looking into a series of bizarre deaths, apparently linked to a video tape. The tape is said to contain weird imagery, accompanied by a strange woman who then informs the viewer that they will die within a week unless they copy the tape and show it to somebody else.

DIRECTOR: Nakata Hideo.

SCREENPLAY: Takahashi Hiroshi

STARRING:Nakatani Miki, Matsushima Nanako, Otaka Rikiya, Ban Daisuke, Fukada Kyoko, Sanada Hiroyuki.

YEAR: 1998

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