Rick Moody is writer whose focus tends to be dysfunctional families. His best work in my opinion was The Ice Storm, which has been his only commerical sucess. The novel was then made into a poor film by Ang Lee.

Moody has also written in magazines. My favorite work of his in this area was an article published in Esquire magazine about a stay he had some years before in a mental hospital.

At one time he tought creative writing at the New School for Social Research, but I'm unsure if he has continued to do so.

His catalog of work to date:

  • Garden State
  • The Ice Storm
  • Purple America
  • The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven
  • Joyful Noise : The New Testament Revisited (as editor and contributor)
  • Demonology (2001)
  • The Black Veil (2002)

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