A man, usually Caucasian, who has a sexual preference for Asian men. This term can either be an insult or a joke, depending on the context. As an insult, it can be used as a derogatory moniker applied to someone that is seen as predatory or socially disquieting. This individual is more often older, overweight, or ugly as homemade sin; his interest in the young asian male is seen as vaguely pedophilic, owing to the fact that many asian men have very little body hair and slight builds. This individual's interest is met with the same social stigma as men who seek out Asian females; this behavior is often referred to as an Asian "Fetish".

This term can also be used playfully, or as a joke among friends. An attractive or young man can get away with consistently dating Asians; he may identify himself as a Rice Queen or accept the moniker from others. His attraction is seen as less of a character flaw than an idiosyncrasy.

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