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NOTE:This episode synopsis may contain spoilers, and you may not wish to read it if you have not seen the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Characters Appearing in Episode Duel: None

Utena and Anthy walk to school for class, where Utena is greeted again by her legion of fan girls calling out Utena-sama! Utena tries to explain to Anthy why Anthy continually saying that she is her bride and calling her Utena-sama bothers her. She insists that she is a good "wholesome girl" and is only interested in "wholesome boys." Taking the suave opportunity like the playboy he is, Touga steps in to introduce himself as a "wholesome boy". Touga says that he knows the Rose Bride and, while flashing her his Rose Signet, says that they are not total strangers after all either. As he walks away, Utena wonders if he is her prince.

Near the Rose Garden, several girls accuse Anthy of doing something to Saionji so that he locked himself in his room for several days. They slap her several times, but are stopped by Nanami who appears to step in to help Anthy. She informs Anthy that not only has Anthy been nominated to be the Queen of the upcoming Ball, but that she's always wanted to be her friend as well.

Anthy and Utena both receive unexpected packages with dresses for the ball. Anthy receives a bright yellow dress from Nanami and Utena receives a pink one from Touga. Although Utena doesn't want to go to the Ball, she goes for Anthy's sake so that she can make friends (other than Chu-Chu, of course).

On the night of the ball, Anthy and Utena arrive late in their respective dresses. When they get there, Nanami takes Anthy's hand and leads her downstairs and Utena stays to talk to Touga. When Anthy is in the middle of everyone else, Nanami gives the signal to a waiter to spray her with champagne. When Nanami's "special" dress that Anthy is wearing gets wet, it starts to disintegrate and Anthy screams.

Coming to the rescue, Utena throws off her pink dress revealing her normal uniform, yanks a tablecloth off the nearest table and in one deft move dresses Anthy in the tablecloth-turned-dress just as the dance begins.

Touga sees Nanami upset at how her plan has turned out, and guesses that she's been up to mischief. He chides her and comments (fully knowing Nanami's fierce jealousy and attraction to him) on how he wonders why Utena had taken off the dress he had given her.

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