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NOTE:This episode synopsis may contain spoilers, and you may not wish to read it if you have not seen the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Characters Appearing in Episode Duel: Utena vs. Saionji

The Student Council has another meeting in which they discuss the state of the duels. The Student Council has received letters from End of the World detailing instructions on what they should do. They are informed that Saionji lost in a duel to Utena. Juri is upset because not only is Utena not a part of the Student Council, she is only a junior high student, and End of the World added another participant in the Duels without their knowledge. Touga explains that the End of the World sends letters to them all, and that he writes "The one who wins a series of Deusl and becomes engaged to the Rose Bride, shall eventually reach the castle and receive the power to revolutionize the world."

For this semester, Utena gets assigned a single room in the East Hall, which has been previously unused for the past 10 years. She walks into the building, finds her room, opens the door, and finds it's in total disarray. Closing the door again, she frets and frets, only to reopen the door to a perfectly clean room being cleaned by Anthy and her friend (monkey/mouse) Chu-Chu. Anthy explains that she is living with her (by will of the Student Council) and that she is the Rose Bride. She explains that she is engaged to whoever the current winner of the duel is. She also explains that whoever has a Rose Signet has the right to partipate in the duels, and that Utena will be challenged by other bearers of the Rose Signet.

Touga goes to meet Saionji at the Kendo Hall. Saionji insists that the power to revolutionize the world is his and that Anthy belongs to him. He's quickly corrected by Touga who points out that she is engaged to the winner of the Duels. Saionji insists that Anthy belonged to her, and said in their exchange diary that she would obey him forever.

Going to the East Dorm, Saionji meets Anthy outside and slaps her for being so shameless as to be engaged to Utena. Utena runs outside, closely followed by Chu-Chu wielding a large fork. Saionji then asks her for a rematch Duel after school the next day. Thinking the duels are really stupid, Utena refuses to accept. However, Saionji insists and points out that those who refuse the will of the Student Council are expelled from Ohtori Academy. Utena finally accepts, believing that she will throw the duel and just let Saionji win.

As Touga overlooks the duel from afar, Utena and Saionji begin another duel. In the same way that Saionji did in the previous duel, Utena pulls the Sword of Dios from Anthy's chest and begins to fight. Although Saionji is the better swordsman, the power of Dios comes from the castle, gives Utena power, and allows her to win. After the duel, Anthy asks her why and Utena insists that she won for Chu-Chu's sake, because Saionji would probably pick on him.

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