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NOTE:This episode synopsis may contain spoilers, and you may not wish to read it if you have not seen the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Characters Appearing in Episode Duel: Saionji vs. Utena

This is the first episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It opens with what will become the oft-repeated backstory of Utena's childhood. Utena, when she was grieving over the death of her parents, was given a ring by a handsome prince who told her not to lose her courage and that the ring would one day bring her back to him. From that experience, Utena decided that she too wanted to become a prince herself.

It's the first day of school for Utena (an 8th-grader) at Ohtori Academy. While she is at school she is accosted by an angry teacher at the fact that she always wears a boys uniform. She also observes a "lovers quarrel" between Saionji and Anthy by the rose garden. Saionji slaps her once, but is stopped by Touga.

During the student council meeting (preceded by the chick speech), the student council members (Touga, Juri, Miki, and Saionji) meet about Saionji's treatment of the "Rose Bride" (Anthy). He defends himself by saying that he is "deeply in love with her" and Anthy concurs by saying that she will do whatever he wishes. He speaks of a new, unknown duelist who will soon challenge him.

Later in the day, Utena observes a love letter that has been tacked up and that a lot of boys are laughing at. She tears it down out of respect for the person who wrote it, only to find that it was her good friend Wakaba's love letter to Saionji. She tracks down Saionji where he is training for Kendo and challenges him to a duel because of the way he treated Wakaba.

Utena goes to the dueling arena forest outside of school, and climbs the huge circular staircase up to the top where she finds Saionji and Anthy at the top waiting for her. She also sees a huge castle suspended in mid-air which Saionji assures her is a mirage. Anthy puts a green flower on Saionji's lapel and a white one on Utena, saying "The person whose rose gets knocked off loses the duel." Saionji then proceeds to pull the Sword of Dios out of Anthy's chest and they begin to fight. Despite having only a wooden practice sword, she manages to win against Saionji.

As Utena is walking back home for the night, thinking about how weird that experience was, Anthy steps out along the road and tells her that she is the rose bride and will be her "flower" from now on.

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