Everyone knows Communists are "red", and traditional Democrats are a shade of pink, but what color are Republicans? This node will attempt to explain.

Political philosophies are generally thought of as a point on a line. Allow me to demonstrate:

^    ^                    ^                            ^
A    B                    C                            D

A - Communist
B - Democrat
C - Middle of the Roader
D - Republican
X - Independent Wait, there's no X! That's right. By their very nature, Independents can occur anywhere along this spectrum. So marking them in one spot would be plain old silly.

Colors are also plotted in a one-dimensional fashion, sorted by wavelength and frequency. A simple plot follows:

384THz            Frequency                 769THz
780nm             Wavelength                390nm 
^         ^          ^           ^          ^          ^
Red     Orange     Yellow       Green      Blue    Violet

Given the previous assumption that Communists are Red, it is trivial to examine the plots, and discover that Republicans are clearly Violet.

If this node looks funky in your browser, /msg me and I'll try to find a more friendly way of formating it
kosmund's original graph has some problems. There are plenty of parties to the right of the Republican Party, and of course using just one axis simplifies things overmuch.

But the interesting part, and a meritorious idea in my judgement, is kozmund's chromopolitical spectrum.

To truly address the (ahem) colorful state of US politics(1), we should amend the spectrum to include, from left to right:

No, it's not optically correct, but then things seldom are as they appear in politricks.

(1) I address US politics here because that's what I know. Discussions of, say, the Orangemen could be addressed in a separate writeup in this node.

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