Remco Campert (07-28-1929) is a Dutch writer. He writes columns, poems and novels. He has a very distinctive way of writing. Most of his writings are based on an unusual, innocent scenario, that he expands, with a lot of imagination, until it becomes something interesting. Many of his stories take place in a sort of simplistic universe; his characters often seem like puppets, which gives his stories an unusual atmosphere. Many of his columns, are short stories. In one of his columns, he sees an advert saying "I just prefer Toyota", and wonders why the makers of the advert chose that particular message.

"... Maybe it had been asked, but nobody could think of a reason why he preferred this Japanese product over Dirk's bicycle, Sophie's doll wagon or John's barrel of rust on weels.
For days he had been interrogated in a mansion in a desolate area. Sleepless nights of coffee, cigarettes and interrogations.
'Alright, so you prefer Toyota. You've told us that a hundred times now. But we want to know why'.
'I don't know. I really don't'.
'You've got to be able to think of just one reason!'
Desperatly: 'I just prefer Toyota'.
On the fourth day they decided to let it be.
'You can go'.
After that, liberating tears"

Most of his columns haven been bundled and are very popular in the Netherlands. His stories are very amusing due to their complete lack of sophistication. His works have not been translated in English.

Campert has been a member of the vijftigers, a group of Dutch writers that considered it essential for an author to be completely free in order to make vivid literature. Other vijftigers where Hugo Claus and Louis Paul Boon, among others. Many of the vijftigers had also been members of art movement COBRA.

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