I go to a private Catholic high school. I am not Catholic (I'm not even baptized), but I go there anyway.

Because of this, I am required to take a total three credits worth of religion classes, which vary from Religion in Film to Catholic/Christian Morality. For my required class this year, I am taking Church History and learning about all the swell things that have happened since Jesus kicked the bucket.

And, despite the fact that my school is allegedly selective, this particular class is filled with idiots. These are (mostly) people who have been Catholic all their lives, and many of them have been in Catholic School since Kindergarten. And yet, now, as seniors in high school, they can't answer the simplest question about the church. My teacher asks them a question, and they sit there, looking as though they were hit by a train. This, in and of itself, wouldn't be a bad thing. Kids don't know answers to teachers' questions all the time. But, the fact that I as a non-Catholic, know the answers from what I have learned since 9th grade, is sad. How can these self-professed Catholics even call themselves that? They have no idea what it even entails.

When we try to have a discussion of a relatively simple issue, they are flabbergasted by the discussion of the most simple nuances of the just war theory... which was covered just last year. They are asked to identify which simple things about the Gospels, such as who wrote them... or what Saul did. They have been read the Bible almost every Sunday since they were born, and they don't know this? Not to mention that it was in the book, which we read only a few days before.

Personally, if I was going to claim a belief in a supreme being, I would know what this alleged belief included. For all these people know, there could be a loophole in the Dogma that means that it is a sin to walk into a church on Tuesday. They would have no idea. They just accepted their baptism, took communion, and sat there like good little Catholics. They go because they think they should. They don't care about the actual belief system. And, to me, that seems just a little ridiculous.

This is why you shouldn't indoctrinate your children into your religion, especially when you are forcing the beliefs on them before they can comprehend.

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