Redundancy is the needless repetition of ideas and is a principle obstacle to clear writing. Below is a list of common redundant phrases followed by the list of reasons why they are redundant.

  1. bisect in two
  2. blend together
  3. capitol building
  4. collaborate together
  5. fellow colleague
  6. congregate together
  7. consensus of opinion
  8. endorse on the back
  9. erupt violently
  10. real true fact
  11. passing fad
  12. basic fundamental
  13. fuse together
  14. opening gambit
  15. gather together
  16. free gift
  17. hoist up
  18. new innovation
  19. join together
  20. merge together
  21. advance planning
  22. main protagonist
  23. recoil back
  24. new recruit
  25. temporary reprieve
  26. shuttle back and forth
  27. visible to the eye
  28. completely unanimous
  29. adapt to change

  1. Bisect means to cut into two (usually equal) parts.
  2. Blend means to mix or combine
  3. The Capitol is the building in Washington where congress meets.
  4. To collaborate is to work together or with someone else.
  5. A colleague is a fellow worker. No need to say fellow twice.
  6. Congregate: To gather together
  7. A Consensus is a general agreement, a collective or group opinion
  8. If you endorse something, you write it on the back
  9. There are no peaceful eruptions.
  10. As opposed to a false fact?
  11. A fad, by definition, is short lived, albiet keenly followed.
  12. Something that is Fundamental is at the base of the matter, from which all else develops.
  13. To Fuse is to join two or more things together as one.
  14. A gambit is an opening move.
  15. To gather is to bring together
  16. If it ain't free, it ain't a gift.
  17. If you hoist something, you lift it upwards.
  18. Innovation is the introduction of something new
  19. Can you join something apart?
  20. As above.
  21. To plan something is to think about and prepare to do something in advance of the event.
  22. The Protagonist is the main character.
  23. To recoil is to draw or spring back suddenly.
  24. Ever seen an old recruit?
  25. A reprieve is only a delay of the punishment, and therefore, only temporary.
  26. To shuttle is to move to and fro often or regularly.
  27. You mean not visible to the nose?
  28. Unanimous means all agreeing.
  29. Definition of adapt is to adjust (oneself) to changed circumstances or conditions.

    Feel free to add your own redundant expressions below. I personally would be glad if you did.

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