A system for measuring web traffic to your site based on web bug technology as pioneered by Australian company Red Sheriff. Apparently unsatisfied by traditional methods of tracking hits, Red Sheriff have come up with a method for circumventing the Internet caching system. A 1 x 1 pixel applet is downloaded which secretly communicates with a server on the Red Sheriff site everytime the page is opened, whether it is downloaded from the site or opened from a cached source. Don't worry, if you are running anything other than Internet Explorer 4+ you will be simply redirected to a CGI script that forces the page to be downloaded each time it is accessed. So, not only are your web log files kept on someone elses server for them to peruse at their leisure, they are also opening private connections from your browser to a "trusted" third party and increasing general net usage by overriding the cache system. Apparently, this increases the accuracy (i.e. just increases) the hits to your site by 20%. I say simply add 20% to the net usage when you send you traffic reports to marketing and have done with it.

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