A type of herb tea put out by Celestial Seasonings, Inc. You can recognize the box by its bright red color and two yellow bolts of lightning which appear to be striking a mugful. Unlike many other store-bought teas, the teabags inside do not have a stringy thing with which to hold the bag in the hot water. According to the box, the tea was developed by a man named Mo Siegel, a nice Jewish boy. Here is the description on the side of the package:

Red Zinger is the classic...the original herb tea with the zesty taste that first won hearts more than 20 years ago. Its snappy flavor and its rich red color come from the authentic blend of hibiscus flowers, wild rosehips, and lemon grass. Red Zinger is the time-honored favorite with a 100% natural burst of excitement. And its vivid energy and wholesome style have always reflected the comfortable side of individualism. Savor it steaming hot at a chilly morning's breakfast table or ice cold in a warm evening's porch swing.

It tastes pretty good, too.

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