Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you haven't yet seen this, take the next exit to sanity.

Red Dwarf fans wanted more Holly and more stories aboard Red Dwarf itself for Series 6, as there had been a noticeable lack in Series 5. So, of course, Rob and Doug did the opposite: cut both of them from the series. A format was also put into the scripts, and running jokes became more abundant, making script writing easier on a tight time budget.

Following Juliet May's departure in the 5th series, Andy de Emmony took over the reins, having previously worked with Grant Naylor on Spitting Image. Andy left after this series - not surprising, considering that between this series and the next, 4 years elapsed.

Minor changes included Rimmer's costume (again), from a sleek red uniform to a less sleek red uniform, to the same thing in blue halfway through the series. (He keeps the badge though - it's an upside-down The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy badge.) In fact, later on in the series he became solid, which allowed the writers to play with things hitting him and him doing things he couldn't before. Sweet.

"Psirens", like that ancient Turkish legend, maroon ships onto asteroids, change shape to distract the crews, and suck out their brains with a straw. It shouldn't bother the Dwarfers - there's hardly a snack on board. Check out the 'recap' at the start of this episode - more and more fans were joining the show and they needed to be filled in on everything.

The crew are dragged onto a space station in "Legion", and intend to do a little looting for their supplies, but instead meet a nutter, hell bent on keeping the crew happy. In this episode, Lister's appendix is removed for the second time in his life, and Rimmer becomes hard-light.

"Gunmen of the Apocalypse" won an Emmy award. Starbug's navicomp is infected with a virus, and Kryten has to come up with an antidote... literally in his dreams. Look at the sunset at the very end: fake as anything, but excellently composed.

"Emohawk - Polymorph II" was originally titled "Polymorph II - Emohawk" until someone realised it looked too much like a football score. The crew have been shot at, and crashed onto a GELF moon (pesky GELFs again). They need to trade for supplies, but they will only take Lister. Last offer.

The crew happen across a familiar ship in "Rimmerworld". When Rimmer takes the gutless way out and uses the escape pod, he floats down to an S3 planet... for 600 years. He's got no choice but to make clones of himself. This episode is another one that screws around with time, as the crew reveal that something hideous happens to Lister.

"Out Of Time" ended in a cliffhanger that would take four years to solve. The crew find a time machine, and then get a message from themselves, 15 years into the future. Kryten is supposed to be the only one making contact with them, but somehow the others find their way into the main deck. The future crew attacks the present crew, and get the upper hand. After a series of killing laser shots, Rimmer, the only one alive, runs into the engine room and blows up the machine... a little too late. Starbug blows, and people have to wait four years for the ending.

So that's it for Series 6. Click here for Series 7... or here if you missed something from 5.

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