A deluxe cd-player, wave player and other media format player like there are dozens, exept for these special 'features':

RealJukebox was a pretty good app, from what I remember of it. It went along with all the other "Real" apps that were around in about 1999/2000, like RealDownload (a download manager with the same number of features as the Firefox download manager has now) RealArcade (a games network, like MSN Zone but with fewer games) and of course RealPlayer. Privacy be damned, with the exception of RealArcade (which required subscription: boo, hiss) these were pretty good. RealJukebox was of course competing with Windows Media Player 7, which was being touted as the best thing since sliced bread (iTunes in its current form hadn't been released yet). It was fairly good for ripping CDs-in fact, there's a fair number of MP3s floating around the ether even today with "Produced with RealJukebox" as their ID3 tags. However, once people realised that it had less features than MusicMatch Jukebox or even Windows Media Player, they switched away in droves: after a few years no bugger was using it. Eventually, it was combined in with RealPlayer 8 to form RealOne Player and then RealPlayer 10, despite very few people actually using these jukebox features, rather just using RealPlayer to play Real files and having a dedicated jukebox such as iTunes to play everything else, like it was before.

RealDownload went the way of the dodo as RealOne was released, also because nobody used it (aside from, evidently, me) and RealArcade is still going, albeit with about four users.

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