A side-scrolling light gun shooting game for the Sega Mega Drive, that was part of the Menacer 6-game compilation cartridge (the Menacer being the system's light gun, created to compete with the SNES Super Scope). The game starred Toejam & Earl. The player took the role of Toejam, using the Menacer light gun to fire tomatoes at Earthlings (mostly taken from the first TJ&E game). Shooting whirlwinds would cause them to hurl your fruit back at you. On later levels the game became considerably more difficult and weird new stuff started to appear (such as flying grandfather clocks). Earl sits at the base of the screen keeping score.

Annoyingly, this game is impossible to find in ROM form and would be useless on most emulators as they fail to support the Menacer (which only had two other games made for it anyway: T2: The Arcade Game and Body Count). These days, every Mega Drive game has had its ROM dumped and it's possible to emulate the Menacer input (mapping it to the mouse cursor).

I sold my Mega Drive years ago (and using the Menacer requires finding half a dozen AAA batteries for approximately 10 picoseconds of playing time). This really is a shame, because this was one of the best light gun games ever, and I reckon I could probably complete it with a bit of persistence. (2011 note: 2001 me reckoned wrong, as playing the game via emulation seems to conclusively show that there's no ending, with the levels getting progressively more difficult until the game becomes impossible.)

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