The process described here is less dangerous than attempting to re-program the Cisco 67x from debug mode, but as you are re-writing the operating system, take care, as I will not be held responsible for any damage to your modem/router as a result of the information contained herein.

And with that out of the way, lets upgrade your modem!

Download a CBOS image from your DSL provider], unzip it to a folder (pay attention to where you put it), then terminal in to the 67x

At the CBOS# prompt, enter:
set download code

A string of the letter c will start going at the bottom of your screen. Go to the Transfer menu and select Send File. Protocol has to be Xmodem, and browse to the image you downloaded from your DSL provider.

Transferring the image will take a few minutes. It is absolutely critical that power not be interrupted during this process. When it is done transfering, wait, the modem will reboot itself and eventually you will either see "Press Enter To Continue" or get the "User Access Verification" prompt, it seems to vary from modem to modem.

Basically at this point your modem should be ready to go. Enjoy!

Click Here for more info on the Cisco 67x.

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