This was Joe's nickname for Enrique Rizzo in the great classic movie, 'Midnight Cowboy'. Ratso was played by Dustin Hoffman as a young man, and was a sleazy, down and out New York hustler who at first tried to swindle the naive Joe (played by Jon Voigt) but then became his constant companion.

In some sense, the sick and dirty Ratso existed in Joe's shadow during their brief time in New York together. Although he expressed his early discontent at this name and violently demanded to be called Rico, he helplessly allowed Joe to continue to use the nickname from then on. In Ratso's dreams, he'd be walking next to Joe in sunny Florida, healthy, well off, and noticed by beautiful women. As the two meandered down palm-lined streets in matching silk suits, bikini-clad ladies would ignore Joe and call out, 'Rico! Hi, Rico!' as he nonchalantly waved.

His reality, however, was nothing of the sort. As his health deteriorated and the two were desperately trying to make their way down to the Eden of Florida, Ratso weakly requested once more that Joe never call him by that name once they get there. Solemly, Joe disregarded the nickname, satiating his friend with respect and care in his last moments.

A truly superb film, this.

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