A segment of American Bandstand, in which two of the dancers in the audience were asked, by host Dick Clark, to rate a new 45 on a 35-to-98 scale. The reason for the choice of range was, according to Clark, because a song was never so bad that it deserved a really low score, and no song was so perfect that it deserved a 100.

Since it was a dance show, there was a bias towards the danceable. When asked about why they rated a song with a good score, often Jane or Bobby's answer was something along the lines of "it's got a good beat and I can dance to it", whilst they chomped on their gum. The phrase made its way into Americana.

Clark played a practical joke once. When Mission: Impossible (the TV show) started, there was a 45 of Lalo Schifrin's theme. It was chosen for Rate-A-Record. The dancers danced to it, but quickly became befuddled. The theme is in the not-easily-danceable time signature of 5/4. The dancers soldiered on until the music faded out. I'm pretty sure Jane and Bobby each gave it a 35.

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