An arcade game release by Taito in 1987 in the US. Outside the US it was released as "Rastan Saga".

The gameplay is side-scrolling fighter style. You play a barbarian who journeys through six levels filled with monsters of a mythological theme. Each level has an end-of-level baddie. Power-ups increase your weapon damage and health. For some reason, the game allows an unlimited number of continues on all but the last level. This makes the game very difficult to complete.

The only difference the outside-US release of "Rastan Saga" and "Rastan" is the presence of an opening sequence before the first level which tells an introductory story for the game.

A sequel to the game was produced, titled alternately "Rastan Saga II" or "Nastar Warrior" (no difference between the two other then title, as far as I know).

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