The opposite of terrorism, as defined by Jeanne and Spider Robinson in Starmind: a conspiracy to cause outbreaks of rapture, glee and widespread joy among an unsuspecting populace.

One of the characters in the novel Starmind coins the word Rapturists to describe some seemingly random acts of kindness perpetrated by what the media describes as "rogue nanoassemblers". The media takes the opinion that the "Rapturists" are a menace to society (of course).

The types of things that the nanoassembers do include cleaning up the French Quarter in New Orleans, and literally building homes around the less fortunate. (The people go to sleep in a shack, and wake in a house with all the amenities. Much to their shock and amazement.)

A parallel to the way that humanity views the Starmind itself, a group of humans joined with an alien symbiote which allows them to live unprotected in space, and confers limited telempathy. Though the Starmind requires nothing from earth, and even cleaned the eco-system for them, most people view them with mistrust.

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