Also known as the "dodo" bird. Large extinct bird, incapable of flight. Formerly native to the island of Mauritius. Last reliable sighting by a Dutchman, Volquard Iverson, marooned on Mauritius after a shipwreck.

The last of the Dodoes was not actually on Mauritius but on a small islet just offshore, to which one might walk at low tide. This Iverson and his fellow maroons did, and clubbed at least some of the dodoes for food. However, Iverson and crew cannot be blamed for the extinction of the dodo, though technically they may have killed the last that anyone ever saw. This is because the birds were already upon the brink of extinction and would have shortly become extinct anyway, almost to a certainty. The real culprits appear to have been the feral pigs and monkeys introduced to Mauritius some time earlier.

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