A musical video for children ages 2-7 containing seven of children's favorite songs, through bright graphics and on-screen lyrics to the songs accompanied by a bouncing ball. Children will use their hands and their voices doing songs like "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain," "Bingo," "Where Is Thumbkin," and few other songs too! An excellent choice for young children, as they will be introduced to the well-known songs.

The Good:

The song "Clap Hands" features many people doing actions (crying, meowing, clapping, etc.) and will teach children to do what the words of the song tell them to do.

The Bad:

Children should avoid looking at the farmer in "Bingo" as he is smoking a pipe. Fortunately, all other songs in the video do not feature smoking or drinking alcohol.

Animation Goofs:

  • In "Bingo," most of the graphics of Bingo are drawn with the collar around his neck, but in one of them his neck is bare!
  • In "Clap Hands," the donkey that has three diagonal lines (which represent braying) are next to his mouth in the "Hee-haw" verse, but in the "Yippy" verse they're not visible!
  • The picture of the thumb in the light blue background appears straight like in the yellow background, instead of northeast like in all the backgrounds that are not yellow.
  • In the credits, the same picture that appeared in the introduction appears but it turns mosaic after a second.
Rating: 8 out of 10

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