A light mist falls.

I walked away from her house, dejected, that Sunday night in February. The usual thoughts: maybe I did something wrong, maybe I did something too right, maybe I just wasn't her type. Two years, seven months of not being her type. It was meant to be, two years and seven months ago. Now... what? It wasn't meant to be? Logical, but... wrong, somehow.

The mist strengthens.

Back at my place now, I'm already going stir crazy. Lying in an unmade bed, cans lying crushed around me, the TV's on and so is the mute function. Headphones playing sad stuff. I'm a wreck, three hours later. Nothing motivates me to keep trying, to call her or to apologise for whatever it was I did, or didn't do.

A soaking rain.

She's already moved on, hasn't she? I bet it's that guy from the bar. The lumberjack, whatever his name was. She was always into the outdoorsy type, the ones with big moustaches and beards and fucktons of muscles that they don't even need. Mark, that's him. She left me for a dickhead lumberjack that can't find his wang with his right hand. He can't spell "Ph.D", can't sing "I'm A Little Teapot" and can't string two syllables together! Why him? WHY THE FUCK HIM?!?

Heavier. A thunderclap or two.

She deserves him, I think, as I mark in my diary "May 14: Moving day". Melbourne, here I come.

<one missed call> <two missed calls> <three missed calls>

Melbourne's wet. Four days with rain. And June rain is the same as February rain. Only this time, I'm in fifteen layers of jacket and coat and my scarf is wrapped around my snoot. Four days, grey skies. Just like the grey skies in February when...


-sigh- I guess I'd better head inside. Lightning can be nasty.

Perhaps some wind as well. Just for effect.

I can't move on. Six months and I can't move on. I find girls, yes, but they're not her. They don't have the quirks I liked. They have quirks I can't stand. She drinks too much, she's too intense, she doesn't respect my religion (or, rather, lack thereof). When does the nightmare end? When the tap in the ceiling is closed up? When I find that little ray of sunshine behind the fridge? When I find a way to part the heavens? When... when?

...showers, a minimum of 2 degrees overnight followed by a chilly 10 during the day. For Melbourne, another gloomy day forecasted tomorrow, but things might be looking up soon, with a 25% chance of sunshine on Wednesday, then back to cold and miserable on Thursday. Overnight low of 3 degrees, high of 11. For Sydney, scattered showers turning heavier later in the day...

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