I see the world With a heart that knows
In shadow play

I put no trust in mile stones
Disparate hopes
Halfway home

I share the world with one who knows
The light still shines
In shadow play

Rain Tree Crow is the title of an album made by the former members of Japan: David Sylvian, Richard Barbieri, Mick Karn and Steve Jansen.
It was recorded between September 1989 and April 1990. Although the line-up of the album suggested a reunion of Japan, unfortunately this was the only work they recorded under that name.

The album is a mix of of exotic acoustics, jazz-like rythms, and ambient atmospheric sounds. All accompagnied by Sylvian's brown-honey voice, of course. Not a very easy listen, but well worth the effort. The album contains the following songs:

  1. Big Wheels In Shanty Town
  2. Every Colour You Are
  3. Rain Tree Crow
  4. Red Earth (As Summertime Ends)
  5. Pocket Full Of Change
  6. Boat's For Burning
  7. New Moon At Red Deer Wallow
  8. Blackwater
  9. A Reassuringly Dull Sunday
  10. Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City
  11. Scratching On The Bible Belt
  12. Cries And Whispers

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