Czech Innovation is the Name of RadioMobil´s Game

The mix of modern technology with Czech Republic’s long tradition of excellence and craftsmanship have blended well to create a well developed and wide- ranging telecommunication company. RadioMobil is one of the top telecommunication providers in eastern Europe and plays an important role in its home market, the Czech Republic. With the spotlight from the recent T-Mobile Day and the big changeover to T-Mobile branding, it can even better consolidate its strong position in the Czech mobile phone market.

Research Pays Off

In 2001, RadioMobil placed an emphasis on innovation and trendy new products, raising its investment in advanced technology some 66 percent to EUR 465 million. As a result of these investments in research and development, RadioMobil is constantly bringing out new services and products. From leaving a voice mail message for Santa Claus during the Christmas season to buying a can of cola with your mobile at one of 50 Coca-Cola machines located around Prague. These are only a few of the innovative products RadioMobil has rolled out in the last 6 months.

Play The Lotto and Add Credits To Your Mobile

Another example: using Twist, a T-Mobile sub-brand of prepaid phone cards, users have an infinite amount of convenience. With Twist, you can even recharge your phone by using the Czech “Sazka” or lottery machines to top off your credit. With more than 5000 locations nationwide, it’s easier than ever to put credit onto your mobile phone.

SMS For All

If SMS text messaging is your preferred method of making contact, then RadioMobil has some new tricks up its sleeve. From group messaging i.e. sending the same message to several friends at once, to SMS chat rooms, T-Mobile is making it easier to connect and communicate. Other advanced mobile services include 6-way conference calls, bank by phone services, and roaming services through T-Mobile family connections in some 95 countries.

You Need To Read More E-mail On Your Mobile

Have you got new e-mail that you want to read but you’re not by a computer?
ClickBox Easy, a new T-Mobile service allows you to have your e-mails read directly into your mobile phone. Options include having the header of the emails read, select and delete messages and a Czech or English interface.

The Numbers

RadioMobil, was registered with the commercial court and began operating the Paegas mobile network in 1996. Some five and a half years later, Paegas has become T-Mobile in the Czech Republic. Since then, the company has garnered more than a 40 percent share of the Czech Republic’s mobile communications market, which translates into some 2.85 million customers. From 2000 to the first quarter of 2002, RadioMobil increased its active customers by more than a million to 3 million , an increase of more than 53% while its operating profits rose by 52%.

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