What have they done (can we say sacrilege)?
(Extract: "Metro", Tues 18 Dec, p3)

"What Have They Done to Dear Old Paddington?

The face still looks vaguely familiar - but whatever became of those red Wellingtons, the sensible duffle coat, and the outsize, shapeless hat?

[...]On his feet -er, paws- are the latest Nike trainers and he has also splashed out on other top labels including Burberry, Diesel, and Police.

Gone is the marmalade sandwich - there would be too much chance of staining that lovely sheepskin coat. Instead he is clutching a mobile phone.

The suitcase has been replaced by a record bag and he even seems to have grown a bit of facial fur to fit in with his new 'street cool' image.

Paddington's first makeover since he landed in England from Peru in 1958 has been carried out by teddy bear makers the Blue Foot Bear Company. He has been named Raddington to distinguish him from the 'official' bear.

[...]although the new bear has not been approved by Paddington's creator, Michael Bond, his spokeswoman said he had no plans to take legal action"

2002 is the 100th anniversary of the teddy bear. "Raddington" is from a limited edition issue of 1,000 bears and is born of the suggestions of primary school kids in Paddington, London. He stands at 16" high and costs £49.99. ATOW, on WWW at http://www.bluefootbear.co.uk/promo.asp

The lowdown:

  • Can of coke - 35p
  • Nike hat - £10
  • Record bag (Bluefoot Bear Co) - £15
  • Nike trainers - £49.99
  • Diesel jeans - £80
  • Police sunglasses - £110
  • Motorola V66 mobile phone - £370
  • Burberry sheepskin coat - £415
  • Total amount - £1,045.34
  • Failure of Michael Bond to respond with legal action - priceless!
...unfortunately. :(

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