Its also when you hold up only your index and middle finger up, while placing your thumb over your remaing two fingers. (See also: Peace Sign)

When you were a young idiot I'm sure you've held rabbit ears over the back of someones head when a picture was being taken. Its a great way to spoil good pictures =p

Some people also use it when speaking in public to show that somthing is being quoted.

"Rabbit Ears" is a nickname for the dual telescoping antenna commonly found on CRT-based televisions, in spite of their utter lack of resemblance to the ears of a rabbit. The antennas usually only have a single degree of freedom, moving from an upright position through 90 or more degrees of travel, to end up pointing outwards. The antennae are then mounted to a yoke with a swivel, so the overall direction can be changed. Some are however mounted independently, thus giving each antenna its own two degrees of freedom. These are usually mounted directly to the rear casing of the television set.

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